Estate Liquidations

Estate SaleARE YOU….                                     

…Ready to START selling some of the items you have collected over the years?????

…Not looking forward to all the work involved in getting your items ready to sell?????


The Aardvark Antique Mall is expanding its focus into the area of helping liquidate small antiques, collectibles, and collections for those interested in downsizing.   This type of sale would be for those folks that do not want to become “dealers” at the Mall.  This client would want/need to start liquidating some of their collections/antiques, but are not able to (or do not want to) do it themselves.

This sort of sale would be run more like an estate sale.  The Aardvark will price and arrange the items that are brought to the Mall.   Items will be “for sale” for a pre-determined amount of time only.  In a normal estate sale, items are marked down and again marked down to have the entire sale over in a weekend.  Here at the Aardvark, the items would be for sale for approximately 60 days (maybe a little more-depending on what the client wants and needs) with a definite time frame as to when items will be marked down.

Selling your antiques and collectibles here at the mall would give you the opportunity to start down-sizing a little at a time.  This concept in selling will be for those that feel it is time to start selling off part of your collections; without selling everything you own.   If you don’t want to – or can’t mark the items yourself, this “mall estate sale” idea could help fill a need.

Please give us a call if you have any questions.   You may find this new concept in selling off your antiques & collectibles is just what would help you accomplish your down-sizing goals.

If interested, you may set up a time to have your concerns addressed and any questions answered.

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